Critical Life Decisions

The LRVNA is here to help with a free informative handbook and downloadable worksheets to help keep your information in order and make your decision making as easy as possible. Taking control of the processes of caregiving, end of life planning, and surviving the loss of a loved one.

Handbook Toolkit

Taking Control of Caregiving

Making critical life decisions with, or for a family may be one of the hardest things you can do for a loved one. Having important information kept in a clear, organized fashion can take much unnecessary stress off of family members and loved ones. We at the LRVNA are happy to offer this free, downloadable handbook and worksheet package (total of 18 documents) to help our community members in a time of true need. Compassion and help goes a long way, and our nurses care! Toolkit includes:

  • Asset Disposition Plan
  • Contacts and Tasks
  • Daily Medication Tracker
  • Document Locator
  • Final Wishes
  • Household Assets and Liabilities
  • Household Income and Expenses
  • Medical & Prescription Expense Tracker
  • Medication List and more

Ways We Can Help

The LRVNA offers services for individuals and families to help them through all of the stages when dealing with Critical Life Decisions. Our staff is here for you. Please, feel free to give us a call, and we can get you the help you need, when you need it.

About Informative Handbook

This handbook was produced as a group project as part of the 2014 New Hampshire Senior Leadership Series. Sponsors of this program include: AARP New Hampshire, The Center for Aging and Community Living at UNH, and The Dartmouth Center for Health and Aging.

Center on Aging and Community Living

AARP New Hampshire

Dartmouth Centers for Health and Aging

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